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  • The Puddle's wholesome food offerings are focused on two concepts:

    #1 = Fresh is Best! We believe all beings have the opportunity to thrive when given the “species-appropriate” diet their bodies are intended to consume. For canines and felines, this is a fresh, meat-based diet with a small amount of fruits and vegetables. This type of diet allows all systems to function at optimal levels.

    #2 = Variety is the Spice of Life and is important for health. It is best not to feed your pet the same thing every single day. Therefore, we offer frozen, canned and dry food products that are easily rotated among our brands and offer a wide variety of proteins and ingredients.

    We carry premium raw and dry diets along with wholesome treats and supplements. We also provide a free Healthy Weight program with expert guidance and continuing support

    The food choices you make for your canines and felines may be influenced by many factors. Whatever the situation, we can help you make choices for your animals that you're happy with; choices that will help your animals to thrive.

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