Healthy Weight Program

Take advantage of our unique complimentary weight loss and food evaluation program!

How do you know what to feed your dog or cat? The choices are endless; the marketing copy is very confusing and misleading. The buzzwords from “natural” to “senior” to “lite” might mean something, or maybe not. The portion control aspect is particularly frustrating, since it may or may not apply to your pet.

What is your pet’s proper weight? It is very hard to evaluate your own pet.

Most of us have been told at some point, “Your dog/cat needs to lose weight!” We love to feed our pets and it’s hard to change – but when your pet gets closer to his/her proper weight, and you experience the differences in their life, it’s worth the change.

Years can be added to your dog or cat’s life by getting them to their proper weight. The 14 year Purina study showed that dogs kept at their proper weight developed arthritis years later than those who were overweight, and the muscle wasting associated with old age was delayed by two years. The reasons for this are complex, but the results are easy to see.

The Puddle’s Healthy Weight Program, provides information and support to help you come up with a program for your pet that is simple and clear, a program that works. We have many years of experience in helping people take charge of their animal’s health, and diet is the place most people start.

The process is simple. Give us a call to set an appointment (this allows us to give you the proper amount of time to chat) and we talk over the situation. We establish goals and sometimes you can get started right then. Often, we ask you to go home and keep a “real life” journal about your cat/dog’s life. This is often quite different from what we THINK we’re doing. You will keep record of the amount of food they are eating (properly measured), any treats or extra snacks and how much daily exercise they get…and by the weeks end you have an excellent tool for beginning to remodel your pet’s life.

During the program, you’ll bring your dog or cat in for a weekly weigh-in and update. We may make revisions to your plan as we see what is or isn’t working. As you dog/cat gets closer to the target you’ve chosen, we will adapt the plan.

Our Healthy Weight Program participants often swim regularly – this helps the fitness process along, promoting muscle building and better metabolism. So far, we have no cats participating in the swim portion, but we’re hopeful.

The combination of a revised food program and the lifestyle change of increasing exercise or adding swimming can make a profound improvement in your pet’s quality of life and help you keep him/her around a lot longer.

Remember, there is no charge for the program! We hope we can be of help to you and your beloved pet.


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