• Since our inception, The Puddle has been committed to supporting local animal shelters and rescue organizations that provide temporary housing for dogs and cats while they wait to be adopted. Often times, these pets find their shelter home a scary and lonely place, or while at the facility they have had surgery. They may be confused and frightened and break down emotionally and physically. With your wonderful donation, our “Share the Care” program helps provide them with something special while they are in this transition phase.

    You can choose to help a dog or cat in the following ways:

    1) SWIMMING - A special gift for dogs at our special rate of $30.00/half hour session.

    This gift allows the chosen dog the opportunity to leave the shelter and enjoy the fun and relaxation of swimming. Swimming helps develop confidence and ease stress. It gives them a controlled environment to burn off anxious energy. Many dogs have greatly benefitted from the special attention, exercise and love they receive at the Puddle. We also provide swimming as post-surgery recovery for dog's having had surgery while staying at their facility. We have seen amazing results in each and every dog that has been given this gift! ANY amount toward the reduced rate of $30/session is greatly appreciated!

    2) BLANKET - A special gift for dogs OR cats, an Auntie Ellie handmade blanket.

    With your donation of $30.00 (Lg) or $20.00 (Sm), we will donate a beautiful handmade “Auntie Ellie’s” blanket to a special cat or dog (you choose which) that is in need of something warm to cuddle. Our friend, Ellen personally crochets all the blankets with loving care. In addition, we attach a small card showing the name of the person who donated. Each cat/dog will be able to take his/her blanket home when they are adopted!

    SHARE THE CARE donations, in any amount, can be made in the following ways:

    1) Cash: Cash donations can be made at our facility in South Elgin, IL

    2) Check: Make payable to "The Puddle" and mail to: 1948 Gyorr Ave. South Elgin, IL 60177. In the memo, please write the name of the organization/pet's name (if applicable)/Swim or Blanket. i.e. "ABC Shelter/Fido/Swim" or "ABC Rescue/Cat/Blanket." Or leave blank.

    3) Venmo: @ThePuddleLLCSharetheCare

    Questions? Call 630-883-0700 or email: cm at (to reduce spam, replace "at" with @)

    THANK YOU on behalf of all the local dogs and cats in need!