• Assisted Swimming

    Swimming aids in fitness, increased mobility & weight loss.
  • Independent Swims

    Private use of the pool for fitness & recreation.
  • Swim Lessons

    For puppies up to 8mths as well as adult dogs.
  • Canine Massage

    Massage speeds recovery following exercise, injury or surgery. Reduces scar tissue and eases joint and muscle pain.
  • Self Dog Wash

    No Appointment Needed. Towels, Aprons, Shampoo/Conditioner & Air Dryers
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    Our store

    Ask about our complimentary weight loss consultations.


The Puddle – Pet AquaFitness & Nutrition is located in the heart of the Fox Valley in South Elgin, IL. The Puddle offers a clean, safe and relaxing environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle for your canine and feline friends, through better nutrition and exercise. Your pet’s overall health and wellness are important to us.


Contact Us

Phone: (630) 883-0700

Fax: (877) 276-1824


1948 Gyorr Avenue, South Elgin, IL 60177 (just west of Randall Road between Kohl's & Culver's)

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Tuesday thru Friday: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Monday: Closed

Note: Swim & Massage Sessions are by Appointment Only


"Cash loves to swim here, so much joy! Such great low impact exercise that will take him from puppy to senior."
Donna O., Geneva, IL
Jordan grieved after the loss of her big brother Jake. Her depression became so severe she only wanted to sleep. My husband suggested the Puddle just to get her moving again. The change was immediate. Thanks to the Puddle, we have our "puppy" back again (slimmer and more confident than ever).
Debbie B., Elgin, IL
"I sat with Beth for a food consult and learned SO much!! My 10 year old dog, Macy is like a new puppy! Unbelievable energy, beautiful coat, happy!! Thank you, Beth. I love this place!"
Tanya M., St. Charles, IL
Tried the DIY doggie wash for the first time this weekend! It's fabulous! We will be back!
K. P., Montgomery, IL
"I cannot say enough good things about this place! Beth and Cathy are caring, knowledgeable and compassionate. Randy, our collie, gets to receive massage and swim!! She's a happy dog and getting stronger! If you have any questions regarding diet and overall health of your cat or dog, you need to stop in!"
Kathy L., Elgin, IL
"A huge thank you to The Puddle team for helping us get Sydney and Mia healthier and happier through swimming sessions and nutritional advice.  They love The Puddle as much as we do."
Darlene M., Elgin, IL

"Amazing, very impressed with the entire experience, Autum loved it too."

Bunny D., Elgin, IL